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2020’s Most Inspirational Acne Skincare Influencers

2020’s Most Inspirational Acne Skincare Influencers

Fighting acne can be tough. Even more difficult can be confidently living with it.


We’ve finally discovered a way to fight acne that really works, and it’s all about personalized skincare. 


In a world of Instagram influencers and reality TV perfection, we’re told to love ourselves and the skin we’re in – while conversely being told we should look a certain way. Well, it’s 2020, and we’re getting real. Reality doesn’t have an Instagram filter. Standing out amongst the noise is a community of acne-positive creators who just get it; what it’s like to struggle with acne and what it like to fight back against it. We may not always feel comfortable in the skin we’re in, but these influencers are helping others each and every day be the best they can be. 


The online acne community is huge, and there are so many creators contributing something new and unique. We see inspiration in all of you, and today we’re highlighting just a few of the ones who are shining bright in 2020. 


When you look at Kali from @myfacestory’s content, it’s clear why she named her channel the way she did. Kali takes relatable storytelling to a whole new level with her Instagram content. From before and after photos to car selfies, Kali takes every opportunity she has to tell her truth and the journey she has been on with her skin. Her long-form content really gives you a look into the mind of someone dealing with acne daily and is relatable to anyone on a similar journey.

Joanna Kenny, on Instagram as @beautifulbybreakfast’s, bio says she’s “spreading love & #skinpositivity,” and that couldn’t be more true! Joanna’s content focuses on documenting the and highs and lows of her skin journey, but more pointedly, often features other creators she is inspired by. This content is uplifting and supports the many other creators on the platform, helping her followers find even more accounts to support.

If you’re looking for daily inspiration, look no further than Nat at @pimpledgirl! Nat doesn’t shy away from the “real” side of acne, showing regular skin updates, so you can see how her skin is changing from month to month. Nat also curates inspirational quotes and mantras so when you’re following her, you’ll be sure to remember you’re not alone.  

Influencers struggle with acne too, and @moniqueschreiber has set out to prove that! While her content isn’t always skin related, she definitely does not shy away from the fact that she struggles with breakouts. Monique provides the traditional “lifestyle” influencer content that so many young women look up to, while still being true to herself!

We can’t all be blessed with perfect skin, and really, no one is! We all face struggles and insecurities, and it can be a light at the end of the tunnel for others to see just how many people are affected by the same issues as them. If you’ve struggled with acne, we’d love to hear your story! Email us at


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