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Are Acne Intelligence products safe for sensitive skin?
Acne Intelligence products range in strength and are custom-selected based on your skin’s needs — including its sensitivity levels. Products specially designed for sensitive skin include the Acne Intelligence Gentle Wash, Gentle Prep and Salicylic Serum 1%. These products are designed to soothe sensitive skin while treating acne breakouts.

Are Acne Intelligence products tested on animals?
Never! Acne Intelligence products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal by-products.

Are Acne Intelligence products non-comedogenic?
Yes, all Acne Intelligence products contain ingredients proven to not clog pores.

How does the PP2 compound found in Acne Intelligence products work?
The PP2 compound is a non-irritating, patented delivery system that holds active ingredients in long-lasting reservoirs on the upper layer of the skin and dispenses them over time. The gradual release method allows PP2 to increase the efficiency of active ingredients, reduce irritation, and leave skin feeling smoother.

What are the active ingredients in Acne Intelligence products?
Acne Intelligence products use a number of active ingredients, depending on the specific product, and utilize patented delivery mechanisms to help make these ingredients available to the skin in the most effective ways possible. Once you take advantage of your free analysis, you’ll be able to access a list of the products recommended for you, as well as their active ingredients.

Can I use Acne Intelligence to treat cystic acne?
Acne Intelligence products should not be used for the treatment of cystic acne. We recommend reaching out to a dermatologist to formulate a cystic acne treatment plan.



Can I find Acne Intelligence products in stores?
Our products are available exclusively through our oficial website and the Acne Intelligence app since the consultation and diagnosis in the app allow us to customize a set of products and routine that are specific to your needs. The efficacy of Acne Intelligence products cannot be guaranteed if they are purchased through any other source.

Can I custom-select which products come in my order?
Orders are specially curated based on your skincare assessment and cannot have their core components modified. However, you may add an SPF moisturizer to your order at any time.

How many products come in an order?
Products are selected and sent on a 4-week cycle and include anywhere from 3 to 5 products. Product quantity is decided based on your skincare assessment in the third week of each 4-week cycle. Each order will contain products aimed at cleansing, toning, treating, and moisturizing based on your progress.

Can I subscribe if I live outside the United States?
Currently, Acne Intelligence products are only available in the United States. However, we’re always looking for opportunities to serve new regions! Please email to leave your contact information and we will be sure to notify you when Acne Intelligence is available in your country.



Do you offer samples?
Because each Acne Intelligence order is custom-curated to fit its recipient’s needs, no one-size-fits-all sample would be able to replicate the full system’s efficacy. We recommend trying Acne Intelligence for at least two months in order to experience just how great your skin can be.

I want to share a testimonial or review. Where do I send it?
We love to hear your feedback! Use the contact form to share your thoughts.

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