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What We Can Learn From Acne Influencers

What We Can Learn From Acne Influencers - Acne Intelligence

Social media – we can’t run from it! For most of us, it is ingrained in our lives. And whether we like it or not, we constantly find ourselves scrolling through the feed comparing our lives to those online. For every community, there is a group of influencers dominating the space, reaching hundreds of thousands of like-minded people searching the same hashtags and engaging in the same content. One of the most positive and uplifting communities is the acne and skin community. What can we, as consumers, learn from them? This small but mighty group of creatives has a lot to share when it comes to positivity, confidence, and education! 


The Power of Positivity

Having acne can feel isolating and defeating, which is why these influencers are determined to make sure no one feels alone! Acne influencers like @mariia_white share inspirational content and first-hand experiences with their skin struggles on Instagram. Mariia’s content ranges from selfies to quotes to her personal art. Emma from @once_upon_a_pimple has a positive attitude that is contagious. Her Instagram is entirely focused on sharing her skin journey and describes herself as an “acne babe embracing my skin.” It’s the power of positivity that we can learn from these influencers and the strength that positive thinking can give us. 

Confidence is Key

Confidence comes from within, and these skin influencers are proving that! @skinwithlea talks confidence and writing your own story in her skincare-focused Instagram content. “I help women with adult acne stop obsessing over their skin to get confident & live free again. Other influencers like @lovenicole_k share confidence beyond their skin with content focused on some of their other passions in life while still spreading #skinpositivity. They’re teaching us to feel confident in the skin we’re in.

Education Connection

Tired of misinformation and unsolicited advice? When you’re dealing with skin issues, the commentary comes from everywhere! We’re lucky to have an online community of individuals who are breaking down these skin myths and sharing their real-life experience getting clear. @teamacne is spreading his knowledge as someone who started dealing with acne at 15. His tips and advice are helping others understand their skin better and take back the power from their breakouts. 

It’s all about overcoming the negativity and embracing the positivity, even on the internet. You’re not in this alone. With an online community like this and the power of acne intelligence on your side, it’s #positivevibesonly in 2020. 

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