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How the Coronavirus Outbreak May Affect Your Acne

How the Coronavirus Outbreak May Affect Your Acne - Acne Intelligence

These are difficult times, and while there are many things on our minds, acne shouldn’t have to be one of them. While our health and safety are at risk, and our daily routines are turned on their heads, many aspects of our lives are affected. How could the outbreak of the coronavirus be affecting your skin health? 




Stress affects your entire body, skin included! If the news and uncertain state of things is causing you to be even more stressed, you’re not alone. This added stress causes  inflammation in the body, and, because acne is an inflammatory disease, can cause more breakouts to happen. The cortisol and adrenal androgens that are released into the body as a side effect of this stress cause the sebaceous glands to flare up, an increase in oil production, and worsen your acne. 


Lack of Sleep


Have you been getting your beauty sleep? Lately, you may have found yourself staying up later than usual or your sleep habits affected by your stress. If you are not sleeping, your skin is missing out on valuable healing hours and receiving a decrease in powerful melatonin, a natural antioxidant that works to repair our skin cells from damage. Do yourself and your skin a favor, and try to get a solid 8-hours of sleep to keep this factor from affecting your acne-fighting abilities.


A Break in Your Routine


As days of the coronavirus outbreak turn into weeks, it can be easy to lose track of your routine. Since the safer at home order, most of us are not regularly leaving our homes, making it difficult to stay on track with our important habits. Are you still washing your face morning and night? Regularly washing your sheets and pillowcases? It is understandable that some of these things may have fallen through the cracks, but they could be wreaking havoc on your skin, contributing to an increase in blocked pores, and causing new breakouts. 


It’s time to shake things up. During this time of change, there’s no better reason to mix up your skincare routine. Acne Intelligence is available online, with no need for a pharmacy visit or dermatologist appointment.

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