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“Feeling the Burn:” Why Your Acne Treatment Shouldn’t Sting

“Feeling the Burn:” Why Your Acne Treatment Shouldn’t Sting

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to cure your acne with over-the-counter products, you’re probably familiar with the skincare tingle. It’s that prickly, burning, hot flush feeling that can sometimes occur immediately after you apply a product. Most of us assume that feeling the burn means that our skincare is working to clear our acne, but there are a number of reasons why this assumption is wrong. Here’s why burning, tingling, or flushed skin should not be an indicator of whether your skincare is working and how you can escape the burn for good.

What the Tingle Might be Telling You

“No pain, no gain” is a terrible motto for your skincare. A tingling or outright burning sensation that happens every time you apply your skincare, especially if it’s accompanied by redness, is a sign that something is wrong. Whether it’s simple irritation or an allergic reaction, these symptoms can lead to inflammation, peeling, and lasting sensitivity that can damage your skin and cause more breakouts if you aren’t careful. 

Acne Intelligence Helps You Avoid the Burn

The fact is that more sensation is not correlated with how well your skincare is working. It’s often the extra inactive ingredients in skincare that give us the sensation that the product is “working” while active ingredients work quietly behind the scenes. For the most enjoyable skincare experience, we’ve eliminated the burn from our products. Thanks to our patented PP2 delivery technology, our acne treatments are gentle on skin but tough on acne, and won’t cause irritation even when applied to sensitive skin types. This technology allows our treatments to remain on the important upper layers of skin for longer than other treatments. The benefit is twofold: Acne Intelligence products maximize results while minimizing the dryness and irritation that other products can cause.

Download our app to begin your free skincare consultation and find the perfect, non-irritating products for your acne, then eliminate the burn for good with these four skincare tips.

Don’t Over-Apply Products

When it comes to acne treatments, less is more. Stick to the application guidelines that come with your treatment. If you know that the product is particularly strong or capable of causing irritation, be conservative and use the product less frequently to start. You can always increase your use as you understand how your skin reacts.

Don’t Mix and Match Products

It might be tempting to try to nuke acne off your face with every treatment within reach, but most acne products are intended to stand alone. Some product combinations can even be very harmful when used together. That’s why your Acne Intelligence routine has been specially designed to give you products that work synergistically for your unique skin and will include everything you need to achieve healthy, balanced skin – no accessories required. 

Nourish and Protect Your Skin

The best way to achieve a lasting glow is not only to find an effective acne treatment, but to pamper your skin with soothing and moisturizing ingredients as well. Always apply moisturizer. Even oily skin types need it! Likewise, protect your skin with SPF daily. UV damage, no matter how slight, can inflame and irritate your skin, making products that might otherwise interact well with your skin feel uncomfortable. Don’t take the risk – always wear sunscreen! You can add our lightweight SPF 30 Moisturizer to any Acne Intelligence skincare routine.

Your face doesn’t have to feel like it’s on fire in order for you to achieve your skincare goals! Find a custom treatment that helps you achieve your healthiest skin by downloading the Acne Intelligence app today.


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