Amina - 26
It changed my life
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"After using the products, my acne went away completely. I don't have breakouts anymore, my dark spots were healed and it always maintains my skin. I recommend this to anybody who has minor breakouts to severe acne, it works across the board."
Jada - 21
Feeling very confident about my skin
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"Before using Acne Intelligence products I did struggle with a lot of random breakouts. I struggled mainly with dark spots. Now after using the products, my face has cleared, it’s very bright and smooth, and the dark spots have faded away."
Megan - 22
Really recommend it!
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"Before Acne Intelligence my face was super dry, it was very texturized, I had a lot of acne on my chin and it was just not good, so I decided to try Acne Intelligence and I really loved it. I no longer have dry or too greasy skin. It's the perfect tone, perfect moisture level and I really enjoy it."
Andro - 25
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"I started this trial with active acne/breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads. Throughout with this trial using all the products I've seen a major improvement in my skin, six weeks later I no longer have any active acne or breakouts. I also do not have clogged pores or any blackheads. I loved every product and it made my skin so much better, great routine and the team knew what was the best for my acne. The best products and routine overall that have been the best for my skin."
Maria - 28
It definitely has helped my skin
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"I have struggled with acne for a few years. I had very large bumps around my cheek area, my skin was very uneven, sometimes the bumps were very painful. After Acne Intelligence, I saw the difference within 3-4 weeks. My skin was much calmer, I didn’t have as many bumps and my skin just felt smoother."
Major improvement
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"About 3 years ago I started getting adult acne. I’ve used so many products and so many brands and nothing has worked for me. I started using Acne Intelligence about 3-4 months ago and my skin has changed drastically. I am so excited with the results, I get compliments all the time and I’m so happy about that. I definitely recommend this brand to anyone suffering with acne."
Marjorie - 26
A product for anyone struggling with acne
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"Before using Acne Intelligence, I troubled a lot with Acne breakouts, specially in my chin and cheek areas, but after using Acne Intelligence I found a lot of improvement in the discoloration and texture of my skin."
Danya - 21
Definitely Recommend
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"I've struggled with acne for 2 and a half years before I started using Acne Intelligence, since then my skin has improved drastically, my acne has completely gone away. Not only did it help my with my skin but it's changed my attitude and confidence so much."
Amanda - 24
Kept my skin blackhead free
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"My skin before Acne Intelligence was very uneven and I had a lot of blackheads and I would get minor breakouts weekly. After using Acne Intelligence I noticed the overall texture of my skin was really good. My blackheads shrunk noticeably. I would recommend Acne Intelligence to anyone who has acne problems or blackheads or overall texture issues."