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Why So Many People are Using Apps to Solve Their Skin Issues

Why So Many People are Using Apps to Solve Their Skin Issues

We always imagined 2020 as a tech-driven future, but we’re still a ways away from the flying cars and time machines that Back to the Future once promised. While we don’t have robot mechanics and hoverboards just yet, we do rely heavily on technology to make our lives easier. One of the ways we’ve seen this in the last decade has been with the introduction of apps. There’s an app for everything! And really, what would we do without the convenience of mobile banking or GPS? These capabilities have finally caught up with us, entering the acne and skincare space quickly! With the launch of Acne Intelligence, we brought the ease and convenience of mobile technology to the skin space, and soon we’ll wonder how we ever got on without it. Just why are so many people using mobile apps to solve their skin issues?


More Accurate Results


There’s a lot we can see with our eyes, but there’s plenty we can’t! The problem with seeking advice from a professional for skin issues is that they can’t always tell what’s going on with your skin. Not to mention, the room for human error and pattern of promoting the same products exists, regardless of your particular skin concerns. Our Acne Intelligence changes all of that. With AI app, our technology can see more than the human eye, with the ability to analyze the skin down to a resolution of 0.35mm. This gets you a more accurate result and, therefore, more accurate recommendations. 


Customization is King


We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again (and again, and again, and again) there is no one size fits all skincare! Whether you’re shopping in the drugstore or the luxury market, the products available are not customized to your unique skin qualities and can’t work effectively for everyone. You won’t get a recommendation from us until scanning through the Acne Intelligence app, ensuring the recommendations selected are the right ones for you.  


The Magic of Mobile


Mobile makes things easily accessible, an important factor for anyone with a busy schedule, aka just about all of us. Not everyone has access to a skincare professional and even the ones that do only see their provider on average once or twice a year. With the Acne Intelligence app, you’ll be reminded to scan your face weekly so we can keep track of your results and make sure the products you’re using are still right for you. As your skin improves, your needs will change, and by updating us monthly we’re able to make adjustments as needed. 


The future is here,  at least for now! As advanced technology improves, so do our resources. It’s the year to get clear, and it starts with your first scan. Download the Acne Intelligence for free for your skin analysis plus get your first month for 50% off!


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