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The Simple 3-Step Acne Solution

The Simple 3-Step Acne Solution

Feeling frustrated with the same “acne-clearing” claim every brand seems to make? Or are you feeling discouraged from influencers telling you this is the one, perfect product that cleared their skin? We’ve been there. And the problem is, there is no one-size-fits-all. Our problem with “the other guys” is the claim that their stuff works for everyone. Tell that to the kids who feel like they’ve tried everything and just want to give up. We know there’s no miracle product that will work for everyone. But we know there’s a system that will. 


Enter: Acne Intelligence – the skincare artificial intelligence app that can see more than the human eye. This 3-step solution analyzes your skin’s needs and builds a custom routine that is unique to you. So how does it work? 


Step 1: Take a Selfie


Your first step is to snap a selfie of your skin. From here, the technology takes over! Your selfie allows the AI to analyze your current skin conditions. The higher the quality the photo, the more accurate the results. 

To get the best scan, we recommend taking your photo in a well-lit area with a bright light source in front of you. 

Pro tip! Natural light is best! 

Make sure the app is actually able to see your face and that no hair, glasses, or hats are blocking your forehead and skin. You’ll want to take your picture in front of a plain background with no distractions. The lighter the background color, the more accurate the results. 


Step 2: Time to Analyze 


Then, it’s time for the app to get to work. Our AI analyzes your skin on these three main factors. 



This is the most important factor and is based on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being acne-free, and 10 being the highest severity. 12 regions of your face are scanned to determine this overall score as the app takes a look at the number of size of the acne lesions present. 



Here, you’ll get a result of low, moderate, or high as the app determines the level of hydration of your skin. 



Also displayed as low, medium, or high, the AI will take a look at the presence of larger acne spots and the underlying inflammation of your skin to determine its reading. 

This is just your initial scan. As you continue to submit photos week after week, our app keeps track of your progress and adjusts its diagnosis and recommendations accordingly. 


Step 3: The Big Reveal


The final step is the reveal of our AI’s recommendations. Based on your skin diagnosis, we’ll recommend to you skincare products we feel are right for you; a custom routine in just three steps! 

You’ll be suggested the products you need for this 4-week cycle. From here, we’ll remind you to submit a new photo once a week. Your skin is always changing and will respond differently to the next person. The customization doesn’t stop after the first analysis. As you progress through the system, we’ll recommend the products you need each month to get the results you’re looking for – clear, healthy skin. 

We’re closing the door on standardized skincare products and saying hello to unique, customized skincare. To give us try, simply download the app and follow these three simple steps. Plus, we’re offering first-time users the chance to try us out for 50% off! It’s time to get clear. Download Acne Intelligence and get your custom routine here.


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