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The New “Side-Hustle” You Can Practically Do in Your Sleep

The New “Side-Hustle” You Can Practically Do in Your Sleep

Part-time job not paying off? Your first, second, or third gig may not be the career of your dreams, but at least it keeps cash in your pocket. We know the struggle. Trust us; we’ve been there. From sweeping up popcorn on Friday nights to drive-thru duty all weekend, working as a teen can be tough. What if we told you that you could earn a little extra on the side doing something as easy as just sharing what you love? You’ve downloaded the app, received your products, and have already started seeing results. Why not share that success with the ones you love, and benefit from their acne-free routine just as easily? Introducing the Acne Intelligence Referral Program. The first of its kind referral system where the more of your friends that subscribe, the more $$$ you earn. 

Here’s how the referral program works:


Sign up for your first month of Acne Intelligence using code: ACNECLEAR 

No one wants to push products they don’t believe in. Lucky for you, you’ll be obsessed with our simple to use app and custom products that really work. You’ll get 50% your first month so you can see what we mean when we say results guaranteed. 

Get Your Referral Code  

Within 24 hours of signing up, you’ll be emailed a unique referral code to help us track your referrals and ensure you get paid. Remember your code – your referrals will need to enter this on their first order!

Spread the Word  

Once you’ve got your code, it’s showtime! Tweet it, Story it, TikTok it, share your Acne Intelligence code with anyone you know will love the system as much as you do! Make sure they enter your code at checkout so we know who you’ve referred, so they get their 50% discount!

How You’ll Get Paid

30 days after someone uses your code at checkout, you’ll be sent a $10 visa gift card via email! That’s $50 in your pocket without having to do more than lift your cell phone. Then you’ll continue to earn cash the longer your referrals stays on the program. 

  1. $15 Visa gift card 30 days after referred customer places second order
  2. $20 Visa gift card 30 days after referred customer places third order
  3. $25 Visa gift card 30 days after referred customer places fourth order

 Sound too good to be true? Nope, it’s really that easy. There’s no limit to the number of times you can use your code, so the opportunity to earn cash is endless! 

What to Remember

In order to be properly compensated, it’s important to remember a few things about the process. In order for us to track who you have referred, your referrals must use your code at checkout in order to be eligible for the gift cards. If your referral cancels their order, we will not be able to complete your payment. 30 days after their second order, check your inbox for your next gift card! For all of the info on this program, visit our terms and conditions page.

The new referral system is a win-win. Your friends get 50% off their first order, and you get to turn them on to a skincare system you really believe in. Plus.. the extra cash in your pocket is pretty cool too. Sign up today with code ACNECLEAR to get started. 


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