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The Importance of “Updating” Your Skincare Routine

The Importance of “Updating” Your Skincare Routine

Sometimes, when it comes to fighting acne if you snooze, you lose! Your skin is changing by the hour, and even when you find a routine that works for you, it’s still adjusting and shifting by the day. So why is it important to be “updating” your skincare routine and change it up?


Feed Your Skin What It Really Needs


With Acne Intelligence, your first scan delivers the perfect skincare routine just for you. We’ll ask you to take a few steps, including a makeup-free selfie that our advanced AI will use to analyze your skin’s acne severity, dryness, and inflammation. It will then  recommend to you the right products you need to meet your skincare goals. Once you’ve ordered your recommended routine, you’re all set…. for now. Each week, our app will remind you to take a new weekly scan, and after three weeks, we’ll analyze your skin once again and make our new recommendation. 


With each new scan, you’re updating the AI on how your skin is responding to your treatment so that we can recommend products with ingredients that your skin actually needs. As your skin improves, what your skin needs might change, and Acne Intelligence will help guide you as to what it is your skin needs next. 


Ready to try your first scan? Download the Acne Intelligence app for free. 


Fight Skincare Fatigue


Ever notice when a routine that was working well suddenly stop dead in its tracks? This is known in the skincare world as tachyphylaxis and is one of the prime examples of why you should be updating your skincare plan. Tachyphylaxis refers to the skin’s response to when ingredients that were proven to show results begin to become ineffective over time. The acne treatment that was clearing your breakouts but now seems to be doing nothing to help could be from the result of this response. With the Acne Intelligence app, you’ll be updating us regularly on how your skin is responding, and we’ll be updating your routine regularly based on the results, preventing skincare fatigue from hindering your skin improvement. 


When fighting acne, your results are tied to what you put into it, and by updating your routine regularly, you better your chances of finding a skincare solution that works for you. Stop relying on the same old acne treatments proven to be inefficient in providing you with clear skin, and try a new hands-on approach to fighting acne. Get your first month of Acne Intelligence for 50% off today.


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