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New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Skincare Routine

New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Skincare Routine

It’s the dawn of a new decade; why are you still making the same skincare mistakes? From pimple picking to sleeping in makeup, we’re leaving behind any major skin faux pas and getting serious with our skincare. 2020 is the year to get clear, and with Acne Intelligence on your side, you’re sure to have your best skin year yet. Whether it’s a pinky promise or the boy scouts honor, make a pledge to yourself to make these 2020 New Year’s resolutions.


Take the Hands-Off Approach


When it comes to your blemishes, look but don’t touch! Picking at your skin, as tempting as it may be, can lead to even more problems. For starters, every time you pick at your skin, you’re spreading the infection. That means the possibility of even more breakouts. And no matter how clean you think your hands might be, you’re increasing the risk of infection in the original breakout. Not to mention the havoc picking can cause long term. The possibility of scarring and scabbing is much higher the more you touch the breakouts on your face. If these side effects don’t warn you off, the pain from a painful pimple popping should tell you the whole thing is a no go.


Stop Playing the Guessing Game


This year, make the pledge to stop playing the guessing game with your skincare routine. Do you know which products are right for you, or are you playing musical chairs with what’s available in the drugstore aisle? The Acne Intelligence system is waving goodbye to standardized skincare and bringing AI skin diagnosis into the new decade. 


With the Acne Intelligence app, you’ll let us do the product shopping. Through advanced artificial intelligence, we’re able to see what others can’t. Just download the app, take your face scan, and get product suggestions that were made for you and your skin needs. We’ve broken it all down here, but trust us when we say once you go AI, you won’t go back.


Get Serious with Your Routine


It’s time to take the next step in your skincare relationship. You need the commitment to make it work. With our system, you’ll get push notifications through the app to remind you to take your next scan. With weekly scans submitted through the application, we’re able to track your progress and ensure we’re recommending the right products for you as your skin improves. Dedication to the scans is important, so you can ensure you are getting the most accurate skin analysis. Leave the flakey behavior behind and get serious with your skincare this year. 


New year, new you – or at least new, clear skin. This year, resolve to make better choices for your skin and find a solution that is right for you with Acne Intelligence. Kick-off the year right with 50% off your first month. Just download the app and get scanning. 


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