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How to Take Your Best Acne Intelligence Selfie

How to Take Your Best Acne Intelligence Selfie

You probably don’t need a crash course on selfies. Taking gorgeous, like-worthy pics of ourselves is second nature to most of us! But taking an optimal selfie for the Acne Intelligence app is a little bit different. It’s important to remember a few simple guidelines when taking your selfie to make sure our technology can accurately read your skin. That way, you’ll get the most out of your first consultation and find the most effective products for your concerns. Here are a few simple tips for taking your best Acne Intelligence selfies.

Bare It All

We have to get the whole picture in order to give you the best recommendations. We know it’s tempting to hide your blemishes, especially when there’s a camera involved! But we need to get a full and accurate picture of your skin. Gently remove any makeup before you begin, and make sure that no part of your face is obstructed by hair, hats, or glasses. With clean skin and hair pushed away from your face, our digital diagnostic technology will be able to accurately assess your whole face and recommend the exact products you’ll need to achieve your clear skin goals.

Keep Things Light

Our exclusive computer vision technology will analyze 12 critical breakout zones for acne severity, dryness, and inflammation. However, just like a camera’s photos aren’t as crisp and accurate in the dark, our technology can’t see your features as well in poor lighting either. Position yourself in front of a window or other bright and even light source when you take your selfie. Daylight is best for helping your camera accurately capture skin tone and texture, but if you have to selfie at night or in a dark space, finding a bright lamp to position yourself in front of is fine too.

Choose Your Background

Just like a messy background can detract from an Insta-worthy selfie, a busy background in your Acne Intelligence selfie can make accurate results more difficult to determine. A bare, light-colored wall works best, but any relatively plain background will do.

Keep It Consistent

We recommend taking a new selfie with the Acne Intelligence app every week to track your skincare journey. Keep your notifications on, and our app will even send you a reminder when it’s time to log your progress. Keeping your selfies consistent each week will help make sure our app is evaluating your skin transformation accurately and consistently!

Our digital diagnostic technology responds to your skin, blending the latest technology with proven scientific principles of dermatology to recommend a skincare regimen unique to your skin and concerns. Download the Acne Intelligence app today to start your journey toward the clear skin you’ve always wanted!


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