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How to Make Money While Social Distancing

How to Make Money While Social Distancing

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the US, government officials and disease specialists have asked us to stay home. Schools, most jobs, gyms, and all of our favorite activities came to a screeching halt in hopes of slowing the spread of the virus. Like many others, you’ve probably found yourself bored, alone, with WAY too much time on your hands. What better time to start making money in your PJs on your couch while you’re already scrolling through Instagram and Twitter?


The Acne Intelligence Referral Program lets you earn money without ever having to leave the house. All it takes is a few simple steps. 


Step 1: Sign Up for Acne Intelligence 


Once you start with Acne Intelligence, you’ll never turn back! Use code ACNECLEAR for 50% off your first month. Then, you’ll get an email inviting you to join our referral program and start earning cash. 


Acne Intelligence is the first and only acne diagnostic and product recommendation tool. Get a custom routine based on your skin needs, and no one else’s. Download the Acne Intelligence App here


Step 2: Share Your Love of Acne Intelligence


After receiving your custom referral code, you’ll have everything you need to start spreading the word. Now it’s up to you to let your friends know. Educate your followers about the benefits of Acne Intelligence and share your experience getting #AcneFreewithAI. The more friends who sign up using your code, the more cash you bring in! 


Step 3: Get Paid


Here’s how it all works: 


You’ll be sent a $10 visa gift card via email 30 days after someone uses your code at checkout. You’ll continue to earn cash the longer your referrals stay on the program. 


  • $15 Visa gift card 30 days after the referred customer places a second order
  • $20 Visa gift card 30 days after the referred customer places a third order
  • $25 Visa gift card 30 days after the referred customer places a fourth order


Remember, to be compensated, your referrals must use your code at checkout when purchasing their custom routine. Visit our terms and conditions page for all of the details

You’ll have plenty of time to #quartineandchill the next few weeks, why not make the most of it. Get started with Acne Intelligence, and the Acne Intelligence Referral Program today.


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