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How to Know if Your Skincare Routine is Working

How to Know if Your Skincare Routine is Working

Anyone who has ever tried to clear their acne has asked themselves this all-important question about their skincare routine: is it working yet? Skincare isn’t always a linear journey, and sometimes the changes that occur with a new treatment or routine occur so gradually that it’s hard to tell day-to-day that they even happened. Want some reassurance that your skincare routine is taking you in the right direction? Here’s what you should be looking for.

Come With the Right Expectations

Don’t Expect “Perfect” Skin

You’ll have a difficult road ahead of you if your expectations for your skin come straight out of a fashion magazine. Recently, beauty influencers like @emeraldxbeauty have taken to pointing this out quite often, and for good reason. So many of the images that we see of flawless skin simply aren’t realistic for anyone. The fact is that pores, bumps, and the occasional blemish are normal. You’ll be much happier with your skin and your skincare journey in the long run if you have healthy expectations of what real skin looks like and if you learn to love your unique skin.


Don’t Expect an Overnight Cure

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for acne, there is also no standard period of time in which the right acne products will completely heal your acne. In most cases, the best results will occur after weeks of consistent use. That being said, 80% of Acne Intelligence users see results within three weeks – but be patient and know that some cases seeing a full turnaround could take longer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends sticking with a new product or routine for a minimum of 4 weeks, and preferably 3-4 months if you aren’t experiencing adverse effects. 

Once you’ve addressed your expectations to make sure that the skin goals you’re looking for are attainable, learn the signs to look for to give yourself peace-of-mind that your skincare routine is working 

You’re On the Right Track When:

Acne Begins to Clear

Perhaps the most obvious (and most important) sign to look for is that your blemishes are starting to clear up. Bumps and clogged pores should diminish, and you should see a decrease in the frequency and severity of new breakouts.


Skin Feels Balanced

Your cleansing products should remove makeup and the day’s grime from your face and leave your skin feeling clean without feeling tight. Similarly, your moisturizer should absorb well into your skin and leave it feeling hydrated. The proper cleansing and moisturizing routine will ensure that skin is healthy, comfortable, and never too oily or too dry.


Skin is Smoother and More Even-Toned

The right acne-fighting ingredients in your routine should work to brighten and smooth any bumps or roughness in your skin, while your moisturizer should help nourish and protect your skin for an overall more even and balanced tone. 


You’re Tracking Your Progress

One of the best ways to measure your progress is to keep track of your skin’s changes. Sometimes it’s hard to see the small improvements that happen day by day, but looking back over a longer period can make progress much more clear. The Acne Intelligence app reminds you to take a selfie every week. Not only can this help you compare progress, but our technology also completes an ongoing analysis and will automatically adjust your next shipment if it sees that a skincare update is needed. This way, we always make sure that you have the most customized solution to maximize your skincare goals.


You’re Being Consistent

Skincare is a science! It’s why we use the latest dermatological research and millions of proven data points to pinpoint the solutions that are going to work best for your skin. Just like any scientific endeavor, it’s difficult to know if the variables you’re introducing—in this case, your skincare products—are actually having an effect if you’re not adhering to a consistent routine. Try to avoid rotating in new products on a whim, and make sure you’re following the instructions for when and how often your products should be used.

Skincare is a process. Knowing what signs to look for when you’re on the right track can make the journey to clear skin much easier and more enjoyable. Ready to get started with an acne-fighting routine that really works? Download the Acne Intelligence app for your free consultation and personalized regimen today.


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