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How Technology is Changing Skincare for the Better

How Technology is Changing Skincare for the Better

The integration of technology into our lives has uniquely changed the way that we socialize, shop, drive, and do a myriad of other ordinary things. Now, technology is also revolutionizing skincare for the better. The intersection of technology and skincare makes the process of achieving clear skin savvier, more custom, and more affordable than ever. But what does that look like? Here’s why technology-integrated skincare is the best way to achieve the skin you’ve been dreaming about.

Apps Make it Faster Than Ever to Find Treatment

The merge of skincare and technology means that everything you need for discovering the most effective solutions for your skin is often in your pocket and accessible within seconds. Gone are the days when you had to wait for what felt like an eternity just to see a doctor. Got a skin concern? Just download the Acne Intelligence app. Our skin diagnostic tool makes it possible for you to receive a completely customized skincare routine in seconds. The best part? Your routine is 100% based on the latest breakthroughs in dermatology with effective, patented ingredients that are delivered straight to your door.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Diagnostics Accuracy

One of the greatest advantages of using technology-integrated skincare is that it eliminates the guesswork from building an effective routine. There are libraries of skincare information online, but figuring out what parts of that information apply to your concerns and if that information is even backed by viable science can feel like a nearly impossible task. Contrast that with the experience of using the Acne Intelligence app, and it’s easy to see why combining technology with skincare provides a much better experience. Our massive library of skin data and cutting edge artificial intelligence make it possible for Acne Intelligence to assess your skin based on characteristics that the human eye can’t even see. As a result, the treatment our technology recommends for you is extraordinarily accurate and far more likely to help you see the results you’re looking for.

Technology Makes Skincare More Personal and Adaptable

There was a time when most of us believed that acne was a problem that could be addressed by a handful of products intended to work for everyone. Today, we understand that the underlying issues that cause acne are complex and can vary greatly from person to person. Acne Intelligence synthesizes millions of data points and uses complex algorithms to analyze your acne severity, skin dryness, and inflammation. We recognize that effectively treating your unique concerns calls for a completely customized routine. That means that your Acne Intelligence skincare routine will always be specifically tailored for you, not for your brother, your friend, or the 50 million other acne sufferers in the US. 

The integration of technology into Acne Intelligence skincare means that our treatments are supremely adaptable as well. While we all understand that the journey to healthy skin is a marathon not a sprint, with our artificial intelligence at your fingertips there’s no reason why you should spend months using a product that isn’t getting the job done. Our technology continues monitoring and learning your skin even as it changes, and it knows exactly when and how to update your skincare routine so that you continue to see optimal results. Because your routine is custom-built for you and adapts with you as your skin changes, there’s no reason to spend months on a treatment that doesn’t work for you. Most of our users see improvement in just three weeks.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all skincare and hello to cutting edge skincare that combines the latest discoveries in science and technology to help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Download the Acne Intelligence app today to get started with your free consultation!


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