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Finding the Ideal Acne-Fighting Skincare Routine for You

Finding the Ideal Acne-Fighting Skincare Routine for You

Though we have the cultural myth of the teenager struggling with pimples and blemishes, acne is a widespread condition that affects men and women of all ages. Typically, most people experience acne during puberty and their teenage years. However, acne can manifest at almost any age, as a response to different medical conditions, or in response to environmental irritants. Some people develop acne due to certain eating habits or as a side effect of prescription medications.

Whenever something causes the pores on the face to fill up with oil, dead skin cells, or dirt, acne can manifest, and the American Association of Dermatologists reports that acne is the most commonly diagnosed skin condition in the United States. Unfortunately, people across the country have collectively spent millions trying to cure acne and with little result. Most solutions are geared for the masses rather than the individual.

Countless acne-fighting products are on the market, but general acne treatment routines that you see in big stores or lauded on infomercials are designed to treat the masses – not your specific skin issue. Men often face struggles in finding appropriate skin care routines. While countless products, guides, and specialized services exist for women’s skin care, men generally have little to work with in terms of support resources and products tailored for men’s skin. Many men simply try to wash their faces as thoroughly as possible and wind up damaging their skin rather than repairing it.

Some men look to medical professionals for help, but their solutions aren’t much different than what’s available on the shelves. It can also be tough for men to deal with something as private as acne.

Don’t Wash Your Face Like Your Car

One of the most common mistakes men make when it comes to their facial skincare routine is washing too harshly with too many abrasive chemicals. Many acne-fighting treatments and medications contain additives that may cause more harm than good, drying out the skin and increasing the appearance of acne as well as the irritation that often accompanies this condition.

Many men take a full-throttle approach to their acne, scrubbing too hard with abrasive facial cleansers, which may offer some temporary relief and briefly reduce the appearance of acne. Unfortunately, this approach only makes the skin more susceptible to collecting dead skin cells, bacteria, and skin oils which make acne worse.

Best Skin Care Routine for Men

The most vital thing to remember when it comes to men’s skincare is to strive for thoroughness, not intensity. Men should do their best to wash their face every morning after waking and every night before bed with a gentle facial cleanser and warm water. Avoid scrubbing too hard and damaging the skin. It may be tempting to try and “buff out” blackheads and other bumps from acne, but gentleness is more effective than force during the cleaning stage.

Unfortunately, the cleansers and acne solutions in big stores and on television are designed to treat everyone’s skin – which means they often treat no one’s. If they are effective, they may be drying out the skin only to cause a more severe outbreak later. Users may try to combat the dryness with moisturizers, but, like the cleansers, that can often do more harm than good, causing your skin’s natural oils to become unbalanced. Too much moisturizer, like too much dryness will only cause more pimples. Worse, the chemicals in these products can be damaging to skin.

Acne Intelligence uses patented artificial intelligence systems to provide users with individualized acne treatment recommendations backed by proven clinical information. This system isn’t just skin care; it’s a cure aimed at providing all users with individualized, fully customizable skincare support.

What Is a Good Skin Care Routine for Men?

Cleansing, skin repair, and moisturizer are the essential building blocks of any skincare routine, but knowing which ones are best for your specific skin can be tricky. Acne Intelligence can help. Rather than using the wrong kind of products for your skin, you can learn how to treat male acne for your unique combination of skin.

Other tips for preventing acne include:

  • Daily sunscreen. UV protection is essential every day. Wearing sunscreen on your face can protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s important to apply even during cold or cloudy weather.
  • Eat a clean diet. Options for eating in the U.S. are limitless – and that can sometimes cause a problem. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can go a long way in protecting your skin. It can also mean you’ll have less room for the foods that can trigger acne flares.
  • Water is essential to all your body’s organs, including your skin. In fact, your skin is made up of cells, and cells need water to function properly. While drinking plenty of water may not solve all your acne problems, it can handle the first level of care.

Take Your Skincare Routine to the Next Level

Trying to find the best acne treatment for men can seem like a daunting challenge, and so many products exist on the market that many men find it overwhelming to find the right products for them. Luckily, the 
Acne Intelligence app allows men to track their skin health over time to cure acne, not just treat it.

Acne Intelligence makes the process private and easy to use. All it takes to start is a selfie. With that, the AI app can offer an initial assessment and ways to treat your condition – that is unique to you. After, you continue to take selfies to track your facial skin health over time. The app uses proprietary technology to accurately measure skin dryness, inflammation, and the severity of acne symptoms. Are you wondering how precise it could be? The AI assessment is more accurate than a dermatologist!

Over time, your acne will require different levels of treatment, and the aggressive products that you use during the first phases of your new skincare routine won’t be as effective in the future. Industry-renowned skin specialists developed the Acne Intelligence app to help users cure their acne by recommending the most appropriate products and treatments, and Acne Intelligence offers a wide range of expertly crafted formulas with a variety of active ingredients to enhance any men’s skincare routine.


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