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Determining Your Treatment Plan with Acne Intelligence

Determining Your Treatment Plan with Acne Intelligence

The standard acne treatment plan has always been the same – cleanse, treat, moisturize. And repeat, and repeat, and repeat. Sound familiar? Doctors and pharmacy brands alike have always recommended the same advice despite the consumer’s unique skin issues. Those same three treatment products have been expected to work as a miracle “cure” for anyone dealing with breakouts, and those who have tried it will tell you, it doesn’t work.   


This gap in proper skin analysis led to the creation of Acne Intelligence. Our goal? To recommend the products that your skin really needs to get clear skin, not what everyone else is using. Our advanced skincare AI takes a scan of your current skin condition, and using 3 factors, determines the right skin treatment plan for you. 


See how our customers achieved clear skin using Acne Intelligence.


Your Skin Severity


You are on the path to getting clear, but to start, our AI will analyze the severity of your acne. From a score of 1 to 10, we will select a number for your skin severity based on the number and size of the acne lesions. 12 regions of your face will be analyzed with our scan and will be considered when determining your score. This is the most important consideration when determining your product recommendations.


Your Skin Dryness


While most people think of oily skin when they think of acne, those with dry skin often experience breakouts too! Really, it’s about regulating our skin and not tipping the scale too far in either direction. Skin conditions, like skin dryness, can be combated with products containing certain ingredients that others experiencing acne without dry skin might not benefit from. It’s why we’re not “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to our treatment plans. Our app will evaluate your skin dryness and determine if your skin is currently low, moderate, or high. This will factor into our recommendations each month. 


Your Skin Inflammation


Our analysis of your skin’s inflammation will work to determine the presence of larger acne lesions as well as the underlying inflammation of the skin. One of the main causes of breakouts is inflammation, and can eventually lead to an increase of scarring. The current level of inflammation, determined as low, moderate, or high, will come into play when suggesting the right products for your skin. 

We use all three of these factors when determining the right products to suggest for you, recommendations that can change as you update the app monthly. The typical over-the-counter treatment product only uses one factor – “do you have acne?” no matter your skin severity. Ready to give something new a shot? What do you have to lose other than a better chance to get clear? Download the Acne Intelligence app today for your first scan and treatment plan.


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