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Can a Skincare AI See more than the Human Eye?

Can a Skincare AI See more than the Human Eye?

New technology can be difficult to understand and difficult to wrap our heads around! But that doesn’t mean it is any less effective. Enter Acne Intelligence, the new advanced artificial intelligence that is changing the way skincare concerns are discovered. Gone are the days of expensive doctors appointments just to be prescribed the same cream as the next teen. And forget drugstore and department store gimmicks, which have proven time and time again to be ineffective. It’s time to try something new – something created just for you. 


How it Works 


The Acne Intelligence app is designed as an artificial intelligence-based system using high-precision computer vision technology to analyze the skin down to a resolution of 0.35mm. This allows us to look beyond what the human eye can see. This particular AI was  developed by analyzing a growing database of millions of images, all while compiling vast amounts of data into three key variables to provide meaningful assessments. Sound complex? That’s because it is. The app has gathered data from a wide variety of skincare issues and complexities in order to be able to deliver a true diagnosis. 


Next, you’ll snap a photo using the app’s built-in camera feature. During the skin analysis phase, you will see an animation of a wireframe in the shape of  your face being scanned by a horizontal beam that moves up and down for a few seconds while the analysis is being performed. At the same time, the photograph is sent to a server where the analysis engine will perform the skin analysis.


From this initial scan, our app delivers a diagnosis using what it has learned and based on three main factors: acne severity, dryness, and inflammation. Our simple 3-step process will end with unique product recommendations that will be shipped straight to your door. 


What Happens Next


Your initial scan is just the beginning. You’ll be instructed through push notifications to log into the app each week and update us on your skin’s conditions. Each time a user logs onto the acne intelligence app for a consultation, the app sends the image to our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and back for instantaneous analysis and diagnosis. Our algorithm then translates the combination of results into an optimum and personalized set of products that will be delivered to the user and become the daily skin care routine for the next 4-week cycle until the next set of personalized products is determined and delivered through additional consultations. Because the system is always learning about you and your skin needs with each scan, the technology has the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience, ensuring that the algorithms are enhanced to always deliver the best results. No more guessing. No more generic recommendations. Finally, product recommendations based on a scientific diagnosis. Mind. Blown.


The power of Acne Intelligence goes beyond the computer vision facial analysis (which we think is still pretty cool). At the core of the app lies the proprietary product recommendation algorithm. The algorithm is designed to account for every possible combination of results and assigns a number of products that is specific and most adequate for the user’s current skin conditions. No two people’s skin is exactly alike, and neither is your skincare diagnosis. 


There’s no better time than now to try your first month of Acne Intelligence. Download the app and submit your first skincare selfie. Then let the app do the rest! Sign up today and get 50% off your first month of Acne Intelligence.


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