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4 Tips To Break the Cycle of Seasonal Acne

4 Tips To Break the Cycle of Seasonal Acne

The weather is cooling down, the air is getting crisp, and the leaves are changing. Fall is here, and with it comes skin changes for many people. In many places across the United States and the world, the air changes in autumn, and these changes often lead to more breakouts in the fall and winter months. If you are one of the many people who suffer from seasonal acne, follow these 4 tips to break the cycle. 

Boost Hydration

When the weather gets colder, it also tends to get drier. For all skin types, fall months can lead to drier skin texture, especially for those who are already prone to dry skin. This can lead to excess oil secretion when your skin tries to “compensate” for the weather changes, which may lead to acne. To combat this, pick up a stronger moisturizer for the fall, and be sure to use it daily. If you have a naturally dry skin texture, using a heavy-duty moisturizer at night may be a good choice.

Don’t Stop the Sunscreen

Once summer ends, it can be easy to think it’s okay to stop using sunscreen. Many people associate the use of sunscreen with beaches, pool days, and other outdoor activities during the sunny summer months. However, your skin needs the protection of sunscreen year-round to stay healthy and thriving. Choose an SPF that is strong enough to protect your skin, but not so thick that it clogs your pores.

Stay Consistent

The new season brings new activities for many teens, which may make it harder to keep up with your regular skincare routine. Be mindful to maintain your skincare routine just as you would in the summer, and consider upping the products you use to work better for your fall skin. Staying consistent with a routine is key to keeping your skin clear and healthy – when you use the Acne Intelligence app, we analyze photos of your skin weekly to ensure your routine is working even as the weather changes. 

Get Prepared For Winter

Fall acne is just the beginning for some, for many people see flare-ups that start in the fall and spike in the winter. In fact, some years show rates of moderate-to-severe acne leaping 11% in winter compared to summer. The cold and dryness of the fall and winter months can cause inflammation in many, so getting your skincare routine on track at the beginning of fall can set you up for success all through the cold months and help you break the cycle of seasonal acne.


A consistent skincare routine is an easy first step to break the cycle of seasonal acne and set you on the path to renewed confidence and empowerment. Acne treatments look different for everyone, but knowing how to protect your skin as you work through stubborn acne can help set you on the path to healthy skin and a clear mind. Ready to get started with an acne-fighting routine that really works? Download the Acne Intelligence app for your free consultation and personalized regimen today.


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