Acne-Fighting Treatment Your Teens Will Praise You For


Acne Intelligence

SkinClinical AI, LLC

April, 2020

All hail the cool mom! Life with teenagers is tough. Now add a stay-at-home order into the mix and you have a legitimate recipe for disaster. While you were fighting with your parents over hogging the phone lines, the roles have now been reversed, and you’d give anything to kick your kids off the internet so you can have a better connection for your next Zoom meeting. One thing that hasn’t changed and never will? Puberty. While you can’t buy an over-the-counter solution for your teen’s hot and cold personality, you can win them over with an acne treatment that will actually work. 


Ready to take home the mom of the year award? Set your kids up with Acne Intelligence, the only customizable skincare solution that really works. 


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What Makes Teen Skin Different?


For many teens, a part of growing up is dealing with stubborn, hormonal acne. As we get older, some of our skin will move on from breakouts and oil, but for some of us, it will not. Teen skin, specifically, has its own concerns when it comes to fighting acne. 8 in 10 kids will experience breakouts during their youth. This means acne is incredibly common, particularly during the early years. Unlike breakouts caused by clogged pores or makeup, teen acne is not typically caused by “dirty skin,” and the solution is not to simply wash their faces more often. A systematic and regimented routine is essential for fighting acne, and while teens have this in common, that doesn’t mean there is one solution out there for everyone.


What to Look For in a Teen Acne Treatment 


Teens struggling with acne need a full system of products to combat the hormonal acne they are suffering. In order to see results, the products used must include high-quality ingredients with a track record for helping people get clear. Depending on the teen’s acne severity, dryness, and inflammation, there are a few powerhouse ingredients that can help to not only fight the acne but maintain a healthy balance of the skin without irritation. That’s where Acne Intelligence comes in. Our lineup of products contains our powerful PP2 delivery system, with the ability to release the products’ active ingredient over time. This not only increases the efficacy of the ingredients but reduces the chance for irritation that many other products on the market cause.


With the Acne Intelligence system, your teen is recommended the treatment, and the ingredients, they actually need. As their needs change, so do the recommended products as your teen updates the app week after week. We’re taking the guesswork out of treating acne, and finally providing your kid with the solution they’ve been looking for. Best mom ever? We know one person who will soon think so. 


Download and share the Acne Intelligence app with your teen to get started.

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