Acne and Dark Skin: the Ultimate Guide


Acne Intelligence

SkinClinical AI, LLC

July, 2020

We all know that a skincare treatment that works for one person may not work for someone else. That’s precisely why we developed the Acne Intelligence app –  it takes into account all of the factors affecting your unique skin to create a custom, highly effective skincare regimen just for you. While all of us are familiar with how the innate oiliness and dryness of our skin can potentially affect the unique concerns that we face, there are other factors at play as well. One of the most important of these is pigmentation. 

Dermatologists have long known that the pigmentation of your skin can predict key information about your skin’s structure, its unique needs, and the way it responds to a variety of triggers. Here are the most important tips for fighting acne in darker skin and some considerations for keeping deep skin tones healthy, glowing, and acne-free.


Prevent Acne Before it Forms

One of the best defenses against acne for more pigmented skin is prevention. Deeper skin tones are far more prone to Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, or PIH, than less pigmented tones are. The main reason is that deeper skin tones contain more melanin cells, or the skin cells that control how dark or light your skin is. Not only are these pigment cells more numerous in darker skin, but they’re more active too. Skin trauma like acne, no matter how small or seemingly non-invasive, can cause dark spots that are difficult to fade. Even non-inflammatory acne like clogged pores or blackheads can give way to PIH in dark skin, a phenomenon that doesn’t occur in lighter skin tones. To keep skin even-toned and looking clear, it’s essential to bust dark spots before they even happen. Maintain a consistent skincare routine tailored specifically to your skin to keep your skin healthy, well-functioning, and clear. 


Be Gentle

As anyone who has experienced acne can attest, it’s tempting to try to eradicate it by any means possible, and many of us mistakenly assume that the harsher the products are, the better. The opposite couldn’t be more true, especially for those with more pigmented skin. Harsh products can inflame skin and activate melanin cells to start the process that leads to PIH. Be careful when choosing skincare products, and always begin gently. As a rule, avoid harsh scrubbing, whether it’s with your hands, scrubbing tools, or abrasive products. Likewise, steer clear of harsh soaps and drying treatments. Dark skin can be more prone to dryness, so avoiding products that can unbalance the skin and strip it of moisture is critical.

This goes for acne products, too. Not all acne treatments are created equally. In the wrong concentrations, some acne-fighting ingredients can actually do more harm than good to pigmented skin, causing it to overreact with dark spots and scarring. Our formulations take all of this into account. Our cutting edge technology looks specifically for inflammation factors in skin to determine the best recommendations for you. Not only are our recommendations tailored to your skin’s unique inflammation score, but the patented PP2 delivery system in our products also holds active ingredients in long-lasting reservoirs on the upper layer of the skin and dispenses them over time. This enables our acne-fighting ingredients to deliver maximum effect with minimum irritation. 


Evaluate Your Beauty Products

If you’re experiencing acne along your hairline, your hair products might be to blame. In fact, this is such a common phenomenon, there’s even a name for it: pomade acne. If you’re experiencing breakouts like these, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests ditching products with oil for products formulated with glycerine or water instead. If you choose to use hair oil, apply it to your scalp and the ends of your hair, and try to avoid the more sensitive skin around your face.


Opt for a Moisturizer with SPF

It’s a myth that the melanin in darker skin excludes it from needing sunscreen. In fact, skin cancer rates in skin of color is at an all-time high. Not only can the sun dry out your skin and cause lasting behind-the-scenes damage, but if you’re already dealing with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, UV rays will only make those worse. Protect your skin against moisture loss and the harmful effects of the sun with our all-in-one SPF 30 moisturizer. Its skin-protecting ingredients are quickly and easily absorbed by the skin and won’t ever break you out.

The typical over-the-counter acne treatment only takes into consideration one factor: your acne. Download the Acne Intelligence App to find an effective solution to your skin concerns that takes into account the whole picture to give you clear, glowing, healthy skin.

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